Spaz is the cat owned by Adrienne and Don when they move into the Carnovasch Estate.

Role in game[edit | edit source]

Adrienne chiding Spaz after he scares her in the barn.

Spaz plays a minor role in the overall story of the game.  He is given free reign over the island, being allowed to roam freely, as he appears within the house at time and ocassionally outside and in the barn.

At one point, Spaz leaps from the loft in the barn while Adrienne is exploring the grounds, spooking her.  He is also saved by Adrienne when Cyrus, at one point, has him trapped while he is trying to pet the cat.

In the fifth chapter of the game, Spaz's corpse can be found in the lily pond near the manor, drowned. At first, Adrienne believes that it was Cyrus' fault, having seen his aggression with Spaz and trying to pat him.  The next day, however, she finds his collar underneath a passed out Don, illustrating that he is the one who actually killed the cat.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Spaz is a black and white cat (breed unknown) that wears a red collar with a gold tag on it.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Spaz's death mirrors Sofia 's death in numerous ways: both are the first victim of those possessed by the demon, both are believed to have died in a different manner than ultimately determined, and both are killed in the same manner, being drowned in the pond.
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