Sofia Carnovasch was Carno's daughter, born to him and his first wife, Hortencia.

Role in gameEdit

Sofia does not have a large role in the game.  She is the only referenced child of Carno, and she is also his first victim after he is possessed.

When Adrienne finds Hortencia's diary, there is an entry that mentions that Carno claims her death was an accident, though it is inferred that Hortencia does not believe him, choosing to believe that he has murdered their daughter.

In the fifth chapter of the game, Adrienne can peer into a small pond near the manor.  While looking in, she will briefly see the image of a young girl under the waterm which is the tortured soul of the young Sofia.


The only image that is shown of Sofia is distorted, though she appears to be a young girl with long dark hair and a dark, possibly blue, dress.


  • According to her coffin in the crypt, Sofia was two years old at the time of her death.
  • If Adrienne explores the nursery on the third floor, she may hear a child crying and notice a strange miasma above the crib.  As there is no evidence of any other children ever living on the grounds, this is most likely the spirit of Sofia.
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