Regina Puccietti Carnovasch was Carno's fourth wife and a character of the first game. She was horrifically murdered by Carno.

Role in gameEdit


Zoltan forcing animal guts into Regina's throat.

Regina is Carno's second to last wife and deceased long before the game begins. During Adrienne's visit to the antique shop in town, she may read about Regina's disappearance in a newspaper article.

If Adrienne goes to the trophy room of the manor and views the mirror inside, she will witness Regina's disgusting murder, being force fed giblets in a rich red marinara sauce, sweet-and-sour tripe, and scrambled brains until she chokes to death. Adrienne can also find Regina's silver portrait in the hidden attic room.


She had light skin, curly red hair, and often wore a dark green gown and had a

Regina's portrait in the attic.

pendant choker around her neck.  She is believed to have been a larger woman, though no images particularly show this as a fact.


Regina is believed to have been boisterious, though not much is revealed about her. She was a great cook and loved to try many foods.  Much like those who delved into their passions as a result of Zoltan's personality changes, she withdraws into her cooking in the time before her death.


  • Regina's death is widely recieved as the most gruesome and controversial in the game, causing quite a stir at the time of the game's release.