Mike is a phone technician who had come to the Carnovasch Estate to install a phone line in the first Phantasmagoria.

Role in gameEdit


Mike before departing.

At the beginning of the game, Adrienne calls for someone to come to the mansion to install the phone lines.  Mike first appears in the game's fourth chapter after Adrienne is done exploring the greenhouse and backside of the estate island

Adrienne surprised by Mike's body.

. Adrienne can freely talk to Mike during the time. Near the end of the chapter, Adrienne walks in on Don screaming at Mike to stay away from Adrienne in a jealous rage before storming off.  Adrienne apologizes for this profusely before Mike leaves, and again when he returns to finish his job.

Once he finishes installing the phone on his second visit, he expresses his concern for Adrienne and tells her to call should she need anything.

After Mike packs up and goes to his car, Don will appear and bludgeon him over the head multiple times, killing him.

During Don's chase for Adrienne in the final part of the game, if Adrienne pulls the lever in the theatre room to get into Marie's room, Mike's body will pop out to surprise a horrified Adrienne.


Mike wears a tan short sleeved button-down shirt with dark blue jeans an

Don about to attack Mike.

d hazel-colored shoes. He has short brown hair under his blue hat.

Mike also carries around a brown toolbox and a tool belt on his waist.


Not much is revealed about Mike and his personality, but talking to him after he arrives to the manor will reveal that the manor makes him nervous. He is very friendly and shows concern for Adrienne after being screamed at by Don.


  • While he is certainly killed one way or another in the story, it is not necessary to run into Mike's body during the final chase if certain actions are taken ahead of time.