Marie O'Dowd Carnovasch was Carno's fifth and final wife. After discovering that Carno murdered his former wives, she and her lover, Gaston, planned to get rid of him, but their plan went terribly wrong and they both were brutally murdered by Carno.

Appearance Edit

Marie has shoulder-length blonde hair and has been seen wearing an elegant wearing red and black show outfit, hair pinned up on her head. When not on stage with Carno, she appears in a white dress with her hair let down rather than tied up.


Shot018 - Gaston and Marie Carnavasch

The ghostly figures of Marie and Gaston conspiring.

Marie appears to be a kind and whimsical woman in her interactions with Gaston.  Clearly, she is the most clever of Carno's wives, though she also would appear to be the most selfish, carrying on an affair with Gaston while she is married to Carno, though this may be a result of her suspicions around his intentions and past.  Still, she is depicted as a resourceful and passionate woman, detailed in her letters to Gaston and her devising of the plan to kill Carno during his show.

The Plan Edit

The plan was to kill Carno by sabotaging an escape act of his where he is strapped into a chair and dons a hood that is subsequently set aflame. Marie took measures to make sure that he could not escape the chair.  While he did not escape unscathed, he did not die, as their plan would have had happen.  After recovering enough to function, Carno used the secret passages into the house to kidnap Gaston, leading her ultimately to her demise, as well.


Marie's Portrait on the left

Death Edit

After her plan fails and her lover goes missing, Marie goes looking for Gaston, finding herself led to the theatre that she attempted to kill Carno in.  She finds herself strapped into the same chair, and Carno uses the guillotine that hangs above the chair to end her life in revenge.

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