Malcolm Wyrmshadow as a young boy was Carno's apprentice, telling about how he was adopted to live in the Carnovasch Estate. He witnessed many of the murders on the island, and he witnessed Carno's final moments. He helped to seal the demon away and hid the book which could be used to summon it. Later in life, he was taken care of by the nurse, Ethel.

Role in gameEdit

Most everyone in Nipawomsett seems to know of Malcom, due to his involvement in the happenings at the Carnovasch Estate.  While he has a reputation as a recluse, no one seems to have a negative impression of him.

Adrienne can first meet Malcolm as early as the third chapter of the game, if she finds the book he was given by Zoltan and shows it to Ethel. H

Malcolm telling Adrienne about his past.

owever, he will brush her off after a few questions and tell her to leave after

A young Malcolm witnesses Zoltan's final murders.

asking her how the mansion is. He does not show his face as the view is from the back of his chair.

After Adrienne finds the photo from Marie's room, she will revisit Malcolm who is ready to tell her everything he knows.

He tells her about his years growing up in the estate, and he details seeing the deaths of Marie, Gaston, and, of course, Carno, from the secret passages littered throughout the house.  He tells her that she is the only one who can do anything about the situation at hand, and when she asks about being able to save Don, he gives her the news that she may not be able to save him.  After this, he tells her how to go about performing the ritual and what she needs to do so. His knowledge is very important in the final sequences of the game.


In his childhood, Malcolm wore a white shirt with a black checkered cross suspenders and a black bowtie with dark shoes. He also had brown short hair and freckles.

In his older years, Malcolm is confined to a wheelchair.  He wears black pajamas and has white hair that is receeding.


As a young boy, Malcolm was cheerful and always looked up to Carno as a father, but he was later left with many traumatic memories from witnessing Carno's murders. Carno often kept him locked up in his room in the tower of the manor.

As an elderly man, Malcolm secluded himself in his home, his only contact being with Ethel. When he first speaks with Adrienne, he seems more preoccupied with the mansion itself rather than what was happening inside of it.  Upon her second visit, his kindness comes out, and he shows himself to be a wisened and well-spoken man.