Lou Ann is the owner of the Antique Shop on the mainland near the Carnovasch Estate.

Role in game[edit | edit source]

When Adrienne goes into town to explore Nipawomsett, she ends up in the antique shop and speaks with Lou Ann.  Lou Ann expresses that she is a big fan of Adrienne's book and immediately warms up to her.  She also offers to answer any questions that Adrienne has about the estate and town. Throughout the story, Lou Ann uses her extensive knowledge of the town and its lore to inform Adrienne.

Also, Adrienne can look around and find a platinum crucifix in a case that catches her eye.  When she asks how much it is, Lou Ann lets her know that it is $2200, which Adrienne has to turn down due to a lack of money.

Later in the story, Adrienne can return to the shop after a

Lou Ann talking to Adrienne about the crucifix.

 conversation with Malcolm Wyrmshadow. Lou Ann will show Adrienne a scrapbook that her mother put together before she passed away four years earlier. The scrapbook has news clipping involving various happenings and disappearances revolving around the Carnovasch Estate.

Through conversation, Adrienne finds that Lou Ann is a connesieur of old jewelry, especially cameos.  When she finds a cameo in the attic of the mansion, she can offer to trade Lou Ann for the platinum crucifix.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lou Ann has tanned skin and is likely between her forties and fifties. She has blond hair with brown streaks tied into a bun and wears a peach shirt and pants, along with brown shoes. She also wears a red necklace and dangly earrings with glasses.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lou Ann is quirky and cheerful.  She appears to be an avid reader, as displayed by her excitement about Adrienne and in keeping up with the town's history.  She seems more eager than other to share information about the estate and its goings on

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