Leonora Moody Carnovasch was Carno's third wife and a character of the first game. She was murdered by the possessed Zoltan.

Role in gameEdit

Leonora is deceased long before the game begins, having mysteriously disappeared from the public eye. Adrienne

Leonora's portrait in the attic.

 can find her portrait inside the boarded up attic room along with his other wives' portraits.

Leonora begging Zoltan.

Before discovering the secret passage in the fifth chapter, Adrienne can return to the attic and look in the mirror to see Leonara's death at Zoltan's hand. Her head is contorted 360 degrees in a torture machine while she begs Carno to release her.  As she is screaming, her neck is broken.

Adrienne may also read about Leonora's disappearance during her second visit to Lou Ann's Antique Shop.


Leonora had light brown skin, brown curly hair and brown eyes. She is depicted wearing a white frilly raiment.


Leonora is described as a happy-go-lucky socialite who loved to talk all the time. Zoltan taunts her about talking too much as he is killing her. Leonara was also an expert artist, as one of her paintings can be found signed by her in the Conservatory.

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