Hortencia Gomez Carnovasch was Carno's first wife and Sofia 's mother.

Role in game[edit | edit source]

Hortencia dead.

Hortencia is long deceased before the game begins.  Adrienne may first read about

Hortencia's remains.

her during her second visit to Lou Ann's Antique Shop.

During chapter 4, after Adrienne gets Cyrus to make a pathway to the back of the island, she will discover Hortencia's Greenhouse. After picking up an old trowel, she will witness a flashback of Hortencia's murder, her throat stuffed with dirt and soil by the possessed Zoltan. If Adrienne peeks into a large flower pot nearby, she will also discover Hortencia's rotted remains. Later after Adrienne accesses the chest in the boarded off attic, she will discover and read Hortencia's diary, detailing that they had a child, Sofia, whom she believes Carno drowned in a lily pond and Hortencia's growing paranoia. Adrienne may also view Hortencia's portrait along with portraits of his other wives.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Hortencia has light skin, brown hair tied into a ponytail and brown eyes.  She often wore a frilly cream colored dress and also wore a green gardening apron.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A closeup of Hortencia.

Hortencia was an avid greenthumb and master botanist. Before her death, she spent most

Hortencia's portrait in the attic.

of her time in her Greenhouse at the back of the island. Hortencia very much loved Zoltan but became fearful and paranoid of him after he was possessed by the demon and her suspicions arose about the fate of their daughter.

Hortencia is Latin for "Garden", her name alluding to her hobby of being a botanist and gardener.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If Adrienne explores the nursery on the third floor, she may happen to hear a woman singing to a child.  As none of Carno's other wives have been documented to have had children, this is most likely the spirit of Hortencia.
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