Harvey (referred to as 'Harv' by nearly everyone in the game)  is the general store owner on the mainland in the village near the Carnovasch Estate.

Role in gameEdit


A closeup of Harv

Upon going into the town of Nipawomsett to explore and pick up drain cleaner, Adrienne meets Harv.  She engages him in conversation, as he seems very familiar with the story of the Carnovasch Estate.  He also tells her about Malcom and suggests that he knows the most about the estate and the history therein.

He also provides her with the drain cleaner that she originally visits for, warning her that the cleaner is sulfuric acid and should not come in contact with human skin.

Anytime before being trapped in the mansion, Adrienne may still visit the store, though the conversation that Harv supplies her with is idle at best.


Harv is a man in his late 50's to 60's. He wears thick-framed glasses and has grey hair. He also wears a cream-colored shirt and a red apron as part of his uniform for the general store. His lower body is not seen due to being behind the counter.


Harv is a friendly man who makes his life managing the small gorcery shop at the town of Nipawomsett. Like nearly anyone else Adrienne speaks to in town, Harv seems uncomfortable with speaking about the estate with her, though also like others in town, he seems okay with giving her the answers to her questions. He does not like loud noises and enjoys volunteering for charity.