Gaston Warwick was Carno's acting prop handler in his magic act. He was also carrying on an affair with his fifth wife, Marie.  He ultimately meets his demise as he is a part of Carno's death.

Role in gameEdit

Gaston is a minor role in the game, though he is the one who ends up killing Carno in the end.

Having started an affair with Marie, he hears her accusations about his hand in the deaths of his previous wives.  Promising to protect Marie, he helps her devise a plan to kill Carno to make up for his crimes against these women and to spend his life with Marie.

In her final talk with Malcom, Adrienne finds out that it is his body in the coffin that was designated for Carno in the family crypt, as his body was so disfigured that they believed he was Carno.

The PlanEdit

The plan was to kill Carno by sabotaging an escape act of his where he is strapped into a chair and dons a hood that is subsequently set aflame. Gaston helped Marie take measures to make sure that he could not escape the chair.  While he did not escape unscathed, he did not die, as their plan would have had happen.  After recovering enough to function, Carno used the secret passages into the house to kidnap Gaston, torturing him to near-death before submitting Marie to the same fate.

After Marie is killed by Carno, Gaston musters his last bit of strength to impale the possessed man through the chest with a metal pipe.  He then falls to the floor, dead.

Gaston Remains Phantasmagoria

Gaston`s Remains


Gaston is only seen wearing his tuxedo, which appears to be his show wear, as well. He has fair skin and short dark hair, which he keeps neat and styled.

Shot022 - Gaston

Gaston, waiting for Marie to return.


Gaston appears to be kind, despite his circumstance.  He even expressed an unsure manner regarding the plan and his carrying on with Marie.  He is, however, protective of her.