Ethel is Malcom's nurse and a grouchy woman in the first Phantasmagoria game.

Role in gameEdit


Ethel letting Adrienne inside.

Ethel can first appear if Adrienne tries to access Malcom's home, unless Adrienne has the proper items Ethel will shoo her away, if Adrienne has the old book and photo Ethel will welcome her in to talk to Malcom.

Anytime Adrienne comes to Malcom's after talking to him about his past Ethel will not welcome her and tell her to leave.


Ethel is elderly, has shaggy white skin and grey hair that is tied with a long pink ribbon. She also wears read lipstick.

Ethel wears a black jumper, black longskirt and a black heels with stockings.


Ethel is a grouchy, bitter, in-her-50s woman who is the nursemaid for Malcom, she is a tough, iron and protective woman and won't let anyone talk to Malcom unless for a good reason.