Cyrus is the son of Harriet. Cyrus is mentally disabled but has a good heart. He is also very strong.

Role in Game[edit | edit source]

Cyrus after annoying the cat.

Cyrus first appears lurking behind an old tree after Adrienne finishes her picnic with Don. He asks her to help his mother and promptly takes her to the old barn at the front of the house. After Adrienne rescues his Harriet, Cyrus and Harriet will start making dinner during which Adrienne is convinced to employ them to work at the estate. Adrienne can also ask Cyrus about the old greenhouse at the back of the island. Cyrus will lead her to the greenhouse and run back to the mansion after Harriet calls for him.

At one point in time, Adrienne can find Cyrus harassing her cat, Spaz.  After she finds Spaz's corpse, she believes Cyrus is responsible due to this occurence.

After Adrienne sees Regina's murder through a mirror, Cyrus will appear in the main

Cyrus' corpse hanging from the ceiling.

hall and collect her for Harriet's seance. However, Cyrus becomes spooked and dashes from the barn that the seance is being held in.  The next time that he is seen, he and Harriet are packing up to leave, having been threatened by Don.  While he does not seem to want to leave, Harriet reprimands him for expressing this.

During the penultimate chase sequence, if Adrienne takes the secret passageway to the crypt, she will slip on the floor and see Cyrus' body above her, which promptly drops on her, his head brutally bashed in.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Cyrus is a tall man, probably in his twenties, with brown eyes and brown hair. He wears a white, dirty and slightly torn shirt with dark overalls and black boots.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cyrus is mentally slow but kind hearted and loyal to his mother.  He is also very strong, as demonstrated when he helps

Cyrus demonstrating his power.

Adrienne cross a river by pushing a tree over to form a bridge over it. He is shown as curious and somewhat aggressive, poking Adrienne's cat, Spaz, with a stick to get him to come out from behind a bundle of logs.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As with Harriet, if the player takes certain actions, Cyrus' fate is left undetermined, as it is not necessary to come across his corpse in the chase.  It is not known whether this changes his fate, however.
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